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PDM would love to hear from you!

27 March 2009

Dear PDM Members and Members of the Public,

Persatuan Diabetes Malaysia would love to hear from you. Hear about your life and how you cope with diabetes. What are the most difficult things about living with diabetes in your opinion. What are your worries and concerns and what kinds of problems, challenges and obstacles are you facing as a result of living with diabetes.

What do you hope for and what do you consider a good life and if you want more out of life, what would you like to see happen for you to live a happy and fulfilling life?

What would be your advice to people who have just been diagnosed with diabetes? Can diabetics live a happy and fulfilling life in spite of the challenges faced and if so, how? Does it take a special happy attitude or something else, please share your thoughts with us!

We would like to feature your stories to make the website more interesting and relevant for the readers as well as to give you the opportunity to share your stories with others, who may be able to learn from your experiences.

Therefore please email us your stories and we will feature them in PDM's website in the section "Featured Stories" upon approval by the e-Panel.

Any comments about diabetes and related areas are also welcome, although PDM reserves the right to screen through all submitted content and comments and decide not to publish any content which is in conflict with PDM.

Also please feel free to email us your feedback on the content of the website and you are welcome to make suggestions of topics that you would be interested to read about on PDM's website.

Please note that PDM reserves the right to upload all submitted content to the website, but will not publish your name, unless you request it.

Also we don't entertain advertisements for products or questionable treatment options and methods, which is not scientifically proven.

Please email your stories, comments and feedback to info@diabetes.org.my

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards

PDM e-Committee
Persatuan Diabetes Malaysia

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